Personalized art

That suits you and you, and your home or office!

Personalized art

Have you seen artworks that you like, but you just do not have the space or the style at home that fits?

Together with the client she defines the ideas and purposes for the artwork, in addition items as colors, materials, size and are objects for discussion.

Nora Farah have therefore created a concept similar to how she worked as haute couture designer.

Nora has decorated an exclusive real estate office in Oslo. Privatmegleren Alle, If you wish to visit the office, you are welcome to make an appointment.

When you have agreed upon a project, Nora will present her conceptual ideas, followed by a timeframe and budget. Then the artwork will be developed and placed by the artist herself at your place.

Art that suits you and your home

Art is like fashion, it needs to fit the owners values, space and style…

Nora Farah 2019