A multi - cultural, faceted, medial - artist


Nora Farah lives and thinks like a picture of «the French nature», although she is originally Norwegian and has lived most of her life in a city.

Her free spirit grows when the nature os close by, with space and freedom around her. Therefore her cultural and ethnical background has brought her to act in a way that suites french natural attitudes.

Nora Farah is Multinational – born Norwegian, family relations from Spain, Tunisia and Germany – yet with french education and many years studying and working in Paris.

She thinks of herself as European, she has her ateliers in Gers in the deepest of the French countryside. But still everything she does is inspired by several cultural impulses also from Japan and India, all the way to Norway where she partly lives and spends time creating both art and fashion.

Her journey is her life, and her life is her journey. Everyday she wakes up with new ideas inspired by learning, enjoying  and doing what inspires her. C´est la vie!

«The natural woman is the true source of all happiness.»

Nora Farah